Obsidian (A Lux Novel)

Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout Now this is much much better than the covenant series!!! :) the characters were much more likable and they had a healthy sense of sarcasm which I always like...! :D

Has anyone seen that tv series Roswell? Well this reminded me a bit of that... Kat was waaay cooler than Liz though (Liz is the girl from the series... I am making logical leaps here just try to follow! :P)! Anyway, Daemon was hot! No doubts about that and even though he was a jerk most of the time he had his 'bonus points' ;) Kat was also a character with a backbone. I really liked that about her! And she reads! She had me right there after that! :) I love characters who read I feel like I relate better with them, doesn't matter if they re male or female.

After reading this you might want to check out the Daemons PoV picks! They add new perspective!:)

After covenant I had my doubts and reservations about reading this one, but it was totally worth it! :)
I'll keep reading on this one!