Don't Expect Magic

Don't Expect Magic - Kathy McCullough When I think of a faerie godmother I am thinking of something like this:
Bibidi Bobidi Boo! :D
But after reading this book I think I'll never look at them the same way!:)

When the book started Delaney was going to live with her father and she was really pissed at him and she was constantly sulking an complaining about everything!
Something like this...!
It was partly understandable since she hadn't seen him in years and her mother had recently died, but I was afraid she was going to be like that for the entire book...
Fortunately I was wrong!
She gets over it pretty quickly and she manages to accept her new reality. A big factor in that is her learning that she might be the modern equivalent of a fairy godmother! :D
(Points for originality to Kathy McCullough on that one!)
Del has a sarcastic sense of humor that I really enjoyed and she is talented which is also something I love in a heroine!
I hate heroines that are acting like delicate pretty bubbles siting around and being useless without an affinity for anything other than stupidity.
So getting back to the story. The biggest surprise was finding out that Dr Hank, Delaney's father, was a fairy godfather! With a wand and everything!
There where some pretty funny dialogues there! :)

The plot is not a surprise after a certain point, but it's still well written and quite enjoyable. A fun read and really relaxing if you're looking for something light to pass the time! It really reminded me of a childlike innocence I had missed!