Dark Frost (Mythos Academy Series)

Dark Frost - Jennifer Estep Sneak Peak!!! :D
I could just see the edge of his face, but it seemed
sleek and shiny, like it was made of wax. Even more
than that, I could feel the anger rolling off him in
waves—anger, rage, and the absolute blackest sort of
“Loki,” I whispered in fear.

I loved this book like always! :) There was plenty of action again and Gwen just got into trouble time after time! I like a girl that can swing a sword (Especially if it's a talking sword!!) and if she has some superpowers even better!I can't stop laughing with Vic!!! He is pretty funny especially when I try to imagine his British accent!
Ok, I might have wanted to strangle Logan for being a jerk at some points, but he always knows how to make me forgive him!
I thought it was a little obvious who the girl was, but that's just me.
The weird thing with this series is that Jennifer Estep never leaves a huge cliffhanger at the end of the books, but she always manages to freak me out when I read the first chapter of the next book! :) Somehow there is always a great opening scene that just leaves me wanting mooore!!! :D