The Savage Grace: A Dark Divine Novel

The Savage Grace - Bree Despain I loved gabriel from the very first book and there hasn't been a single moment that he made me regret it!
This book like the entire series is sweet, full of drama and with some really kick ass fighting scenes!
I love a heroine that can swing a sword! Grace has grown in the months that have gone by since book 1 and I have come to like her more and more as the books go by. Ok so in the last book I might have been a little frustrated with her, but I think that she has redeemed herself now.
Jude is the one character that didnt turn out like I expected! In book 1 I thought I had him figured out, but then he totally caught me off guard in the end. When the second book came out I thought he would make up for what he did before, but yet again he let me down. Now since it was the let book I said "ok, now he HAS TO turn it around!" and as I thought he kind of did grace comes and makes me feel bittersweet about him again... So right now even though I hoped that Jude would give me a reason to forgive him I still can't say I like him.
I am not sure if there is gonna be more books in this series, but the end left it as a possibility.