Hush, Hush

Hush, Hush - Becca Fitzpatrick Ok so I had been putting off reading this book for waaay too long!!! I finaly started reading it in a spur of the moment and I liked it pretty much! When people started suggesting this book I had just finished reading Fallen and I didn't want to read another book about Angels since I wasn't that crazy about that one...!
Anyway like I said I just saw it on my bookshelf and I said alright lets give it a go! :D I liked the book pretty much! It had me changing opinion about the characters constantly! I found myself screaming at Vee more than once! I still can't figure out why she is the best friend... she isn't that supportive and she is usually quite annoying! Anyway that's just me...
Putch I loved! Ok so once again we have the boy wants to kill girl, boy falls for girl, girl finds out, forgives and they forget all about it. Oh and lets not forget the crazy ex! That reminded me of Immortals a little bit... :P Ok I know I 'm overanalyzing! Same ol' patern we all know and love!
Sometimes I think that there is something wrong with me though... I mean the guy enrolled in school to kill her, he even began a few attempts and yet we forgive him and even go as far as to cheer for him??? Now am I the only one who thinks that there is something wrong here??? :P Not complaining about the book just wondering out loud.

Since I've already picked up Crescendo I don't think that I have to say I'll keep reading on this series! :D
Recommended!!! :D It's a great book to read in the holidays!