Shaedes of Gray: A Shaede Assassin Novel

Shaedes of Gray - Amanda Bonilla So this was something new! The first book of this series left me with mixed feelings! At the begining I couldn't figure out where it was going, which was refreshing, but I wished that some scenes would have a little less detail and move on faster...

Darian, the main character, is not one of the usual supernaturals that you meet all the time! I liked the introduction to a whole new world and I think that the idea is promising! Now that the first book is over and we are more familiar with this new world, I believe that the next installations in the series will be even better!:D
I love the idea of a woman assassin! Women empowered and all that! :D Darian is a very strong character and she has managed to move past the many misfortunes life had in store for her and she became stronger for that! She didn't get through it unscathed though! She has major trust issues and she is afraid to open up!
I felt so sorry for poor Tyler who had to put up with all her quirks and moodiness! Tyler was really sweet from the beggining, a little overprotective, but very very sweet! :D That phrase though: Tyler never dissapoints! had turned into a joke at some point!
The problem is that I also liked Alexander... Ok so he may have lied to her, but he showed that he cared... If he could just put that kingly attitude aside for a while he would be much much better off!!!
Anyway, I don't have a problemm no matter which one she choses in the end!I'll take the other one! ;D