The Pace

The Pace - Shelena Shorts So I started this book and I was reminded somewhat of Twilight and Evermore! Girl moves to a new town, meets a boy and is drawn to him there is even a parking lot scene... Lol! Then there are all these mysterious events she is trying to fathom and I am sitting there wondering what on earth is he??? I think, since there are so many similarities with Twilight, that he must be a vampire! But it doesn't really fit it would be really far fetched... I am missing something and there are several reaaally weird incidents so I start rethinking it!!! And then I finaly find out what he is!!!!!!!!!! I laughed soooooooo hard! HE HAS FREAKING ALIGATOR DNA!!!!!!!!!!!
Now how does that make any sense??? I was like WHAT??? If it makes any sense to anyone please explain it to me!!!
Now every time I see the cover of this book or its sequels I burst out laughing and people look at me with that "What is wrong with you??" kind of look!!! :D But really??? Who can blame me???!!!!!!! :D :D :D