Once Every Never

Once Every Never - Lesley Livingston Oh it's over and I'm dizzy from shimmering around with Clare!!! :D Lol!
It was nice, sweet and totally comfusing at some points, but I liked it! :)
Clare was a nice character to read about and I loved her monkey references! Al and Milo where also amazing!!!
I laughed so hard when I realized that Stu had been threatening them with a props gun...! The guy was just sureal...
In the end I can't really say I understood the sequence of events or the logic of them since I thought that some things would cancel others that ultimately did happen after all, etc and it was so comfusing my head hurts just thinking about it right now! It was too much like LOST in that manner for it's own good! :D
If I have to say something about this book -apart from the dizziness- it leaves you with a sweet aftertaste!