Kiss of Frost (Mythos Academy)

Kiss of Frost - Jennifer Estep While I was reading this book I was thinking very very loudly: "What is wrong with you???"
In this book Gwen was just simply oblivious to certain things that were right in front of her eyes!!!!
I don't know what I should say without spoiling it for anyone...! Logan is acting like an idiot but somewhere before the middle of the book he starts to make up for it! :D I love Logan, even though he really pissed me off the way he blew Gwen off in the first book, but he is soooooo sweet towards the end that I loved him even more!!!!! You'll see once you've read it!!!
Gwen discovers something more about her powers, her potential and her mission and that adds to her character! I love Gwen but she can be really dense some times! I mean you meet a guy on a scool trip, he approaches you first (when you know that people are out to get you), you've never seen him with anyone else, he always disappears when your friends are around and he asks you to follow him a dark place and you just GO???? You MUST have a deathwish girl!!! I really liked this book, especially towards the end! It was sweet and it also had some action!
Vic is hillarious! :D
I also read the excerpt of the next book and I just can't wait to get my hands on it! When I thought that I would get a calmer ending and I would be able to stop thinking about this series I read the first chapter of the next one and I have to have more!!! Badly!!!
P.S. Does the scenery of this series remind anyone of VA or is it just me??? I mean first book is in the academy, second book on a snow resort on the mountains... Sounds familiar??? :D