Bite Club (Morganville Vampires)

Bite Club (The Morganville Vampires, #10) - Rachel Caine Ooook!!!!! So this was not the best book in the series, but I don't think that I 'll get tired of reading about Morganville (and Myrnin :D) any time soon...! :D

I always love Rachel Caine's books and this one was no exception. I don't know if I liked that much seeing the world from Shane's point of view in this book maybe if it was in one of the previous ones I would like it more, but here I think it just took something out of the plot! I can't say it was Caine's best work, but once again I couldn't put it down!

I loved Myrnin's scenes as always! :D That man is hilarious! A one man show!