Fairy Bad Day

Fairy Bad Day - Amanda Ashby This book was great! I would love to see a movie version!!! :D

So Emma is waiting for the principal to call her into his office and tell her what her what elemental she 'll be responsible to slay. But when Emma is sure that she will be assigned Dragons -it is after all her legacy since her mother was the greatest dragon slayer of all times- she ends up because of some stupid test stuck with Fairies! The least dangerous of all elementals! Her whole world comes upside down and now she is stuck in the Mall chasing after these rude, smartassy creatures with a big appetite for anything sweet. And as if that wasn't enough she gets caught in an explosion inside the kichen of one of the Mall's diners and now she has to do an assignment with Curtis Green, the person who was assigned Dragons and she has sworn to hate! What else could go wrong? Well, it appears that some creature has penetrated the school's defenses, but Emma is the only one able to see it! So now with the help of her friends and her archenemy she has to fight this thing that noone has heard of and noone knows how to kill!

Those little fairies are HILLARIOUS!!!!! :DIloved them! <3