Ghost Town (Morganville Vampires, Book 9)

Ghost Town - Rachel Caine Rachel Caine came through once again!!!
Once more this addictive series had me hooked from the very first page. No matter how long I read, I simply can't get tired of these books!

So in this book all hell breaks loose once more in Morganville. The four friends manage, not surprisingly, to get themselves in over their heads in trouble yet again. After a vampire attack in a rave party, Claire ends up in front of the city council for killing a vampire. She is declared innocent, but her punishment is that she has to stay under Myrnin's care, locked in the lab, without any contact with the outside world and with no breaks for rest, until she manages to finish the mashine to replace Ada, or she will be the one to take her place in the mashine. Finally Claire manages to complete her task successfully and return home, but the next day people -both vampires and humans- begin to lose their memories and think that they are three years in the past. People go insane, vampires go on a panic killing spree and Claire and Oliver are the only ones who appear to be able to keep their minds straight... But for how long it remains to be seen. So now Claire has to stop what's happening before she too forget's she ever came to Morganville.

Interesting power plays, humour and suspense! This book really keeps you captive until the last page!
In one word AMAZING!