Spy Glass. Maria V. Snyder (Glass Trilogy)

Spy Glass (Opal Cowan Trilogy - Book 3) (Glass Trilogy) - Maria V. Snyder Definitely recommended! It has some slow parts but in general it's a very pleasant read!


I wanted to see Devlen turn good and ending up with opal ever since the rescue in book 2. Even though I liked kade at first, Devlen is so sweet in the last two books...! :) The kids were amazing as well! Reema had me laughing every time she opened her mouth, she was very very cute!
And of course Janco had me laughing non stop as well! I want a series with Janco as main character!!!:D seriously, or as an alternative I want a book with the rhymes he makes while fighting!!!!
Anyway, I really liked these series and I think the ending was perfect!