The Nine Lives of Chloe King: The Fallen; The Stolen; The Chosen

The Nine Lives of Chloe King: The Fallen; The Stolen; The Chosen - Liz Braswell I don't really know what to say about this book...

Ok, I guess after watching the series the book seemed kind of dry! Don't get me wrong i usually prefer the book version over any film or tv series version (big exception the Vampire Diaries series!!!:)), but this time I just couldn't get into it.

Some of the following might be considered spoilers!!!!

To begin with, Chloe seems rather selfcentered and egotistical. Her relationships with her friends are completely superficial and everything she does seem to be for her own benefit, even when it appears that it requirs a sacrifice on her part she usually gains something. That is something the author is trying to remedy towards the end with Chloe's willing sacrifice of one of her lives to ensure peace, but the general feeling was for me at least already predetermined!

So what is the story about?
To cut aa long story short, Chloe is about to turn 16 and the day before her birthday she decides to skip school and go to San Francisco's Coit Tower to celebrate with her two best friends Paul and Amy. When she accidentaly falls from the top of the tower, an apparently lethal fall, she appears to be unscathed. Everybody assumes it was a miracle, but in the following days Chloe starts to develop some unnatural physical powers and she inexplicably starts acting like a cat in heat, being attracted to an even weirder variety of young men.
While the story goes on Chloe is introduced to the Mai society and her enemys, while she is told that she is the uniter. The one person who according to an old Mai legend is supposed to bring peace between Mai and those who try to eliminate them! And as if that wasn't enough Chloe has 9 lives at her disposal to achieve this admirable deed...!

At first it seems like an interesting enough story. Superpowers, romance, a legend, various merderers and of course an angsty teen who tries to fit in her new life and to ultimately survive. Well I am sorry to inform that it is not! The story is seriously lacking in suspense and at various points it either doesn't make any sense or it seems rushed and not adequetly adressing the few points that manage to capture the readers interest!

I really don't like being this harsh, but I expected more from this book and it didn't live up to my expectations!