Uncommon Criminals (A Heist Society Novel)

Uncommon Criminals - Ally Carter I loved it!:D
This was even better than the first one! This book I seriously recommend as a summer read!


So Kat after the Henley job has started a new kind of business! She steals artifacts that have been stolen in the past and returns them to their rightful owners. After returning from a job in Moscow she meets hale in the airport and while they are preparing to leave a woman approaches them with her grandson and claims that Visily Romani sent her to find Kat. She says that her parents were the ones to discover the chamber were cleopatra kept her treasures but their partner stole everything while they were away. Including cleopatra's emerald! The stone every thieve in history has craved and feared because it is considered cursed! That's what the woman wants Kat to retrieve!

After a lot of hesitation and arguments with hale and Gabrielle the three kids go after the stone and they manage to retrieve it replacing it with a fake. ( believe me things weren't that simple )
That's when everything starts going wrong!!! Call it a curse or whatever but the fact remains that nothing went as it was supposed to...

Kat has been conned and the woman she delivered the emerald to was an impersonator! Moreover the real Visily Romani asks her to retrieve the stone! And to top it all hale has left her and her family is doing a job in Paraguay!
How's that for luck? And btw the woman is uncle eddies long lost love:)!

Anyway Kat manages to assemble the old crew on her way to the emerald and is trying to attempt the thing no other thief has ever managed to accomplish. Steal the cleopatra emerald! Again!

And that's when the real fun begins!!

I loved it! I hope you will too!